About Us

This may not be the final name, although it’s a little jokey1, it also reflects the breadth ad non-siloed, interdisciplinary nature of the enterprise. It aims to be ‘project based’, ‘discovery based’ and, in general, more Steiner2 and Illich3 style education and participation than the rote/score learning for worker ants style that is now pervasive. Steiner ‘develops a love of learning’ and sees ‘the development of the imagination as integral to learning’ (there’s a lot more). Illich provides ‘Skills Exchange’ and ‘Peer-Matching’.

However, Nifis is an institute, not a ‘school’ so there’s also peer-learning4 (one of the major foci) and citizen science, including some of the ethical and philosophical aspects such as data privacy and misuse of technology.

1 Mugatu: I give you, “The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good.”

Our Courses

Actually, to some extent they are your courses. That is, we’ll try and teach to interest and demand. So ask. We also have online support for courses here.